After half a BILLION streams on the main album, Nina is back with her deluxe version of her hit album!

The deluxe edition has today been launched with the brand new lead track ‘Black & Blue’. Continuing Nina’s talent for openly exploring issues of vulnerability within her music, the track’s sleek electronic-tinged spin on modernist alt-pop is a natural fit for the original album’s sonic approach.

“‘Black & Blue’ is a song I wrote whilst working on the album and I always knew I wanted to release it,” says Nina. “It’s about being your own worst enemy and the voice inside your head that constantly makes you doubt yourself.”

The deluxe edition also features another original new song from the album session in the shape of ‘Ungrateful’ as well as Nina’s intimate, torch song approach to the Britney Spears hit ‘Toxic’ which has become a staple of her recent live shows. The package is completed with acoustic versions of every song from the original album, most of which are previously unreleased. Stripping back the material to intimate acoustic arrangements highlights the compelling and emotionally revealing song-writing that has become a hallmark of Nina’s sound.

‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change & The Flowers Will Fall’ track-list:

  1. ‘Sacred’
  2. ‘The Moments I’m Missing’
  3. ‘The Best You Had’
  4. ‘Colder’
  5. ‘Loyal To Me’
  6. ‘Somebody Special’
  7. ‘Is It Really Me You’re Missing?’
  8. ‘Love Letter’
  9. ‘Empire’
  10. ‘Chloe’
  11. ‘Things I Say When You Sleep’
  12. ‘Last December’
  13. ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change’
  14. ‘Black & Blue’
  15. ‘Ungrateful’
  16. ‘Toxic’
  17. ‘Sacred’ (Acoustic Version)
  18. ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ (Acoustic Version)
  19. ‘The Best You Had’ (Acoustic Version)
  20. ‘Colder’ (Acoustic Version)
  21. ‘Loyal To Me’ (Acoustic Version)
  22. ‘Somebody Special’ (Acoustic Version)
  23. ‘Is It Really Me You’re Missing?’ (Acoustic Version)
  24. ‘Love Letter’ (Acoustic Version)
  25. ‘Empire’ (Acoustic Version)
  26. ‘Chloe’ (Acoustic Version)
  27. ‘Things I Say When You Sleep’ (Acoustic Version)
  28. ‘Last December’ (Acoustic Version)
  29. ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change’ (Acoustic Version)


Listen HERE!