A brand new era begins for Nina Nesbitt! The first single Summer Fling dropped today with huge support online! Over 40 New Music Friday additions on Spotify, A List Pop at Apple, the cover of Breakthrough Pop at Amazon and Top 5 in Deezer’s Brand New Uk!

The track was also at the number 1 spot in the viral Tik Tok chart yesterday after a week long preview supported by the platform directly.

Speaking about the track, Nina said:
Summer fling is set in a fantasy world, inspired by the Swedish summer. I’ve spent a lot of time making my new record there, as I wanted to explore that side of my heritage more and I’ve always dreamed of escaping city life for a Swedish island in the middle of a lake. I picture myself staying in a little log cabin with a fire, drinking rum with a daisy chain crown in my hair, throwing huge parties, truly living my best life. During lockdown I found myself daydreaming a lot and this was one of my favourite places to go in my head. The sound of Summer Fling is to represent a truly beautiful place and the feeling of floating through clouds without any worries.

Listen to the brand new single HERE