Talk about New Music Friday! We’ve got this brand new collaboration between Nina Nesbitt and Justin Jesso today. “Let It Be Me” is all about being there for somebody special to you; being the light in the dark, that safe space we all need sometimes. In his own words, Justin Jesso says, “‘Let It Be Me’ is what I would say to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I would want them to know that no matter what hardships we would face, I would be there.” The lead line, “You’re gonna need somebody, let it be me” dives right into a seamless, perfect drop. “I knew the song needed something special to finish it off, and when I heard Nina for the first time, I knew she was the missing piece,” says Justin. Nina adds, “I came across Justin on the Kygo track, ‘Stargazing’. I instantly fell in love with his voice and when he reached out to collab I was really excited about it. ‘Let It Be Me’ is such a beautiful song and feels like the perfect track to collab on.” Check out the video for “Let It Be Me” below!