Nesbians! Thanks to your amazing efforts you have successfully passed 2 million streams on Spotify unlocking the official music video!

Speaking about the video, Nina said:

“I worked closely with Debbie Scanlon (Director) on this video – we both agreed I needed to come out my comfort zone for this video! Apart from a few ballet exercises when I was a gymnast, dance is something I’ve NEVER done (probably for a good reason) but something I’ve always admired in pop divas growing up. I thought this was the perfect moment to try it. Ballet is something that is beautiful and feminine but also painful and extremely difficult. I like how double sided it is – it can look vulnerable but still be one of the toughest things out there. Loyal To Me is about girls talking to girls, giving advice and it has a sort of throwback vibe to it. I felt like the video related to the song in terms of having the beautiful moments in a relationship but also the pain of someone cheating.”