Marking the announcement of her Deluxe album ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons will Change & The Flowers will Fall’, Nina Nesbitt has just dropped 1 of 3 new bonus tracks which will be on the deluxe version!

The Deluxe album will also include acoustic versions of ALL of the original album tracks too!

Black & Blue is one of Nina’s favourite tracks which couldn’t make the main album due to its similarities with the lead title track on the album. Now, it’s Nina’s first choice to make the deluxe and what a banger it is!

In the song, Nina describes how hurtful we can be to ourselves in our own minds and how that can be made worse when other people comment on things you’re already thinking!

Listen to Black & Blue here! –¬†

Look out for the Deluxe album dropping on November 15th 2019!