Vicky Dowdall

Having started out in her late teens as an artist, she found herself under the tutelage of the legendary Pete Waterman and later Tracy Bennet at London Records. Shortly afterwards she joined forces with the former’s old writing buddies, Mike Stock and Matt Aitken within Redbus Music, a label she would become a Director of at the age of just 21.

Indeed, Vicky has worked with almost anyone that’s anyone within the music industry: Simon Cowell to Christian Tattersfield, David Joseph to LA Reed. It’s a cliche, but what she doesn’t know about getting the best for an artist really ain’t worth knowing. She runs VDM with a meticulous attention to detail, a ferocious knowledge and most importantly: passion. It is an attitude that has seen her negotiate twelve six figure recording and publishing deals for her artists and writers.

In addition to the ‘day job’, Vicky is a much-sought-after music consultant who effortlessly attains choice TV slots, DSP Playlists,  national radio plays and those coveted festival appearances for artists both in the UK and the other side of The Pond. Vicky consulted for the Voice UK  TV show for two years and currently consults for Crown Talent Group looking after Ella Henderson. Vicky also specialises in Brand procurement and partnerships and has brokered over a million pounds worth of brand deals to date.  In describing her approach to her work, Vicky is typically succinct: “I’m just trying to be the manager I always wished I’d had”.